IntroducingComplex-Wide Rules

Black Bear Shooting Complex is a large shooting sports complex with general rules which apply at all times regardless of location.



  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  • Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot


  • All members and guests will check in at the BBSC headquarters and leave a government issued ID. This ID will be returned upon checkout
  • ABSOLUTELY no alcohol is permitted on the BBSC Property. The BBSC President may exclusively make an exception to this rule for special events when firearms are not in use at BBSC
  • Intoxication of any manner is strictly prohibited for all shooters or guests and will result in immediate removal from the property
  • No shooter or guest may use a firearm or possess a firearm if they have been legally prohibited from using or possessing a firearm
  • BBSC does not permit convicted felons on the property for any reason. Any person found to be a felon attempting to access BBSC property will be removed from the property and law enforcement will be notified immediately
  • All persons will sign a BBSC and a Rann Hold Harmless waiver before accessing the BBSC complex. Each person will need to sign the waivers one time every 5 years or again in the event that the waiver changes
  • Member ID badges are to be worn at all times on the complex. Non members will wear appropriate ID Wrist bands at all times.
  • Shooters must check in with the RSO on each range prior to shooting Dogs and other pets are prohibited from BBSC property. Waivers may be obtained from BBSC President.
  • No person other than BBSC shooting staff or authorized volunteers shall be on the property during the nonoperational or closed times. Hours will be posted at the BBSC Headquarters and on the website
  • Smoking is prohibited in Headquarters or on the firing line. Smokers must police their butts Minors under the age of 10 are not permitted on the BBSC property except with a waiver from the CRSO
  • For minors accessing the BBSC, the minor's legal guardian must sign a waiver prior to the child accessing the property. All minors must be accompanied by a guardian or responsible adult at ALL TIMES
  • Minors and their accompanied adult will be immediately removed from the range complex in the event that the minor is unaccompanied and/or exhibits unsafe or disruptive behavior
  • All Persons shall not exceed 15mph on the roads at BBSC BBSC reserves the right to remove or permanently ban any member, nonmember or guest without refund for violent, inappropriate, rude, unusual, disorderly, insubordinate, or intoxicated behavior
  • Non BBSC instructors are prohibited from conducting any training without BBSC approval

SOP can and will change from time to time. Revised SOP will be posted in headquarters and on the website. All shooters should frequently review the SOP for updated policies and procedures


  • Safety is everyone's responsibility. All shooters have an obligation to police their neighbor and help them follow the rules. Please report any rules violations to the RSO and/or BBSC staff immediately
  • All persons must wear hearing and eye protection at all times when on or near the firing line
  • All shooters must wear a brimmed hat when near people firing semiautomatic firearms or as directed by the RSO
  • Shoulder holsters and cross draw carry holsters may not be used at any time on the BBSC
  • Use of cell phones while on the firing line is prohibited-cell phones are distracting to shooters. Please leave cell phones in vehicles or on silent near the firing lines. RSOs will carry cell phones and Comm units


  • All persons shall not leave the complex roadways except at designated parking, picnic, or range areas. "Exploring" at BBSC is HIGHLY PROHIBITED
  • Never walk or drive past any closed gates, cables, safety cones, or barricades without checking to see if that area is a live-fire area. No one but authorized personnel are allowed beyond the G range or on Pruitt's mountain
  • BBSC is a COLD RANGE. No person other than BBSC staff or volunteers or uniformed "on duty" law enforcement officers will be permitted to carry a loaded firearm beyond the BBSC HQ or HQ parking lot. All Persons will ONLY LOAD at the firing line when instructed by the RSO. No person shall wear a concealed, non concealed, or holstered firearm off the firing line of any range without the CRSO permission. The president of BBSC may permit a Hot Range Environment by special exception as needed
  • Firearms, if brought into BBSC HQ, other than legally concealed or open carry, must be unloaded and cased
  • Shooters are to check in with the RSO prior to removing objects from their vehicles. This will allow the RSO to conduct a safety briefing and direct the shooter to the appropriate location
  • The RSO may conduct a brief inspection of the shooter's equipment and ammo prior to allowing access. A RSO safety briefing may occur at this time
  • Keep all vehicles on established roads and away from low lying areas. Do not drive or park on any sodded grass near the firing lines.


  • BBSC requires the use of chamber flags on all ranges and during all matches. Exceptions are handguns on the handgun ranges
  • All persons shall obey the commands of the RSO's at all times
  • Shoot from authorized positions only. Each target must have a backstop before engaging. Do not shoot into neighboring property
  • No person shall cross fire at targets not in their specific lane
  • No person shall ever fire at wildlife
  • Hunting is prohibited at BBSC
  • No person shall intentionally fire over a backstop
  • Food/beverages and smoking is prohibited on the firing line
  • All members are responsible to clean up after themselves and guests. Deposit trash in the appropriate trash cans or take it home. Keep your range clean, this includes brass, shells and any casings

Any questions about the range, targets, etc should be directed to the RSO


  • Fully automatic firearms are not permitted at BBSC unless specifically approved by the BBSC President. Shooters utilizing other NFA Firearms must have appropriate NFA paperwork in their possession
  • BBSC will allow up to 50 caliber
  • 338 caliber (and larger) magnums may not be shot at steel targets closer than 600 yd


  • Steel core, tracer, and incendiary projectiles are prohibited. Any projectile sticking to a magnet may NOT be shot at steel targets
  • All shooters are subject to a "magnet test" of their ammo before firing on BBSC steel. If any part of the projectile stick to the magnet, that ammunition will not be allowed to be used on steel targets
  • An ammunition speed limit of 3150fps shall be in effect when shooting on steel target systems


  • Shooters may only bring paper targets to BBSC. All other target systems utilize will be those provided by BBSC
  • No shooter will set, move, or adjust the setting of a steel target at BBSC
  • No shooter will place targets without the supervision of a BBSC RSO, CRSO or employee
  • No shooter will attempt to place targets outside the BBSC designated ranges
  • The BBSC CRSO may, at any time, make any necessary rule adjustments that are in the best interest of BBSC and/or overall safety
  • Shooting at rocks or other inappropriate targets that can cause ricochets or may start a fire is prohibited
  • Shooting any flammable or exploding material is prohibited; this includes tannerite or any other similar binary compounds
  • Explosives of any kind are prohibited
  • Never shoot at BBSC property or structures. Any props, equipment which you might use, are to be used for only the purpose they were designed for including chairs, tables, benches, trash cans, equipment storage boxes or target holders


  • Shooters must provide their own white spray paint and are required to paint the steel targets before leaving the range. This does not apply to targets on or near Pruitt's Mountain.
  • The range provides target stands, but the shooter must provide their own paper targets
  • No shooter will place targets without the supervision of a BBSC RSO, CRSO or employee
  • When going down range to paint steel targets, make all ranges cease fire and use posted "Down Range Rules". This requires verbal and visual confirmation that all firearms are clear and all shooters are off the firing line. No handling of firearms or ammunition is permitted while members are down range
  • Once the range is determined to be secure, with no other persons downrange, only then may firing commence


On ranges over 500 yards, each shooter firing on these ranges MUST pass a "BBSC Certification Process" and maintain their privilege by observing the below long range rules

  • All shooters will prove their rifle system shoots 1 minute or better 5 shot group at 100 yards. Shooters will conduct a "proof group" and this will be signed off by the CRSO and brought back to BBSC HQ for completion of the Certification Process
  • All shooters will have their approved certificates ready to present to the RSO upon arrival to the range
  • The shooters will have their rifles zeroed at 100yds at 700 feet above sea level
  • All shooters will fire a sighter shot at 100 yds to verify the rifle system is working properly
  • The RSO will check and approve the shooters elevation table prior to loading
  • The shooter will shoot a 10moa target at 300 yds
  • Winds may exceed 25mph and ranges may close for excessive wind
  • Spectators may be present but remain behind the firing line. Spectators must not be loud or disruptive


  • Shooters using the moving target systems must undergo instruction in the use of the systems or accompany another shooter who has undergone such instruction
  • The shooter certified in the moving target systems is the only individual who can activate or turn off the system
  • The shooter certified in the moving target systems must fill the generator with gasoline and check the oil prior to starting the moving target system